We want to help you to find
your own beauty and health.

Happiness lies in small things every day.
We want to deliver truly good things to each real woman who has begun to realize that.
This desire is the motivation of us JRS CORPORATION.
With 100% natural products, we will continue to help you to take good care of small things.
May JRS CORPORATION be with you when you are yourself, when you get your own beauty and health.


It doesn't end with just being gentle.
From now on, it is 100% naturally derived, which is strong and reliable.

It is a matter of course that they are gentle and safe, as they are part of our daily bodies and lives.
We at JRS CORPORATION wanted a product that was 100% naturally derived, but that would also provide a satisfying and reliable feeling of comfort.
We will do what we can today so that you can say, long into the future, that you are glad you used it.

JRS CORPORATIONbegan with one shampoo.
We have grown our company while wishing each and every one of our customer’s joy and now we can promise everyone 100% from natural sources for hair care, skin care and life care, respectively.

Making 100% naturally derived shampoo was a bigger challenge and a great pleasure for us JRS CORPORATION than we had imagined.
The passions and techniques of one shampoo are applied to all other products.


Commitment & Challenge

JRS's commitment and insatiable challenge

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A small beginning of a big challenge.

The first decision was to make all the materials naturally derived.
The most important thing was the most difficult hurdle.
Everything was our first attempt.

The challenge of JRS CORPORATIONbegan with the cooperation of the developers and the examination of more than 500 materials one by one.
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There is no failure. There is only a discovery.

The days of repeated prototyping continued.
Whether the lather is sufficient, whether it runs smoothly through the fingers, whether the scent is natural, whether it is non-irritating and whether it leaves a smooth and glossy finish…….
We tested every angle, but we were far from satisfied.
In fact, in the beginning, the quality was so low that testers were limited to staff only.
However, the harsh opinions within the team were a great hint for the next move.

3 3

People's wills are part of the ingredients.

Without a lot of cooperation, JRS CORPORATIONwould not have been born.
I visited hair growth salons and scalp care salons, learned about scalp and hair at a beauty salon, brought the results back to the development maker, repeated further verification, and created a new prototype that reflects those findings.
"This is JRS!" When we finally arrived at the answer, the number of prototypes was well over 100.

4 4

At 0%, do your best.

Being 100% naturally derived means that the extra ingredients are 0%.



100% natural origin of JRS CORPORATIONis a promise to all women in the world. At home, at office, everywhere.

We want to be close to all women who love being themselves, at home, at office and everywhere, while flexibly accepting changes in their bodies and minds.
We at JRS CORPORATION know that taking care of the small things and cherishing them will brighten your future.
Carefully take care of even the smallest things.


Reliable Japanese-made premium soap & lotion

Gently moisturizes the skin in your intimate area and keeps it moist and refreshing.
We sell it at an affordable price with the hope that many people will feel free to use it for daily care!

For those of you who have not been confident or asked what kind of care they are taking until now, PH JAPAN's exclusive soap and lotion will give you peace of mind and confidence.

The result will surely satisfy you.


パッショネイトブルーム PH JAPAN フェミニンウォッシュ(150ml)
パウダーミント PH JAPAN フェミニンウォッシュ(150ml)
シャワースプラッシュ PH JAPAN フェミニンウォッシュ(150ml)
フレッシュブロッソム PH JAPAN フェミニンウォッシュ(150ml)
【PHジャパン】FEMILEAN 薬用フェミリン(170ml)
【PHジャパン】Vcare デリケートゾーン美容液

Based on customer feedback, we develop products that can solve problems while caring for the skin.

We have a lineup of multiple products so that you can select products according to your worries while maintaining the quality of PH JAPAN.
Intimate area care soap specializing in 4 types of effects「Feminine wash〜フェミニンウォッシュ〜」、Medicated soap for the intimate area with anti-inflammatory ingredients「FEMICO〜フェミコ〜」、We have prepared the intimate area soap for men「HANDSOME CARE〜ハンサムケア〜」

We sell it at an affordable price with the hope that many people will feel free to use it for daily care!


デリケートゾーン ケアソープ PREMISH ブライトニング(170ml)
デリケートゾーン ケア ソープ PREMISH リラックス(170ml)
デリーケートゾーン ケアソープ PREMISH リッチ(170ml)
デリケートゾーン ケアソープ PREMISH リフレッシュ(170ml)
デリケートゾーン ケアソープ PREMISH ブライトニング(150ml)
デリケートゾーン ケアソープ PREMISH リラックス(150ml)
デリケートゾーン ケアソープ PREMISH リッチ(150ml)
デリケートゾーン ケアソープ PREMISH リフレッシュ(150ml)
PREMISH ハンサムケア
【医薬部外品】認定デリケートゾーンソープ FEMICO PREMISHシリーズ 
弱酸性アミノ酸 透明固形石けんプレミッシュ【PREMISH】 ゴールド
弱酸性アミノ酸 透明固形石けんプレミッシュ【PREMISH】 プラチナ

「Exosome care®」the next generation skincare brand
The next generation of cream serums and freeze-dried raw materials was born.

Exosomes are 'cellular information substances'.
The newest beauty ingredient, a serum containing human stem cell exosomes, will deliver ' to realize' to your skin in the future.

“Exosome Essence EX” is an all-purpose beauty cream containing a hybrid beauty ingredient of "human adipose-derived mesenchymal cell exosomes" and "human stem cell acclimatization culture medium" liposomes (+ defined cell culture medium 9).

EXSOM EXTRACT SP", an undiluted freeze-dried potion of "human amniotic mesenchymal stem cell/trophic membrane cell exosome", the first exosome beauty ingredient used in Japan.

And Exosome Solution AP, a specially diluted liquid potion developed to maximize the power of the SP stock solution.


エクソソーム アクティブ(5ml)
エクソソーム ソリューション(5ml)
エクソム ダーマ―ローラーEX


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